A downloadable game for Windows

Data Strain is heavily inspired by Demon Hunters from World of Warcraft.

You’re in a computer. Some programs are leaking memory and it’s your job to clear up the memory so the computer can keep working. Do you have what it takes to be a Memory Cleaning Agent?

Your glaives are able to react with data to move them around inside the RAM. You must unload this data by moving it inside the far-most right gate. Simple right?

The game can also be played in your browser for those who do not have Windows. While a little buggy with some browsers, you can play it here: https://nikyaer.itch.io/data-strain-webgl Or you can just download "DataStrain-Web.zip", extract all and launch "Index.html"


Data_Strain_v0.0.11a.zip 41 MB
Data_Strain_Web_v0.0.3.zip 30 MB

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